Trondheim, part deux

Day tuo started off very well. The student arrived ahead of time, and not hung over. I should have gone out earlier to get that magic shot when the river was absolutely still. I didn’t, I just watched it from the breakfast table….

The day was rather chilly, the wind being the main source of discomfort. We set off on our touristy walk for a few of the sight I’d picked out. During our walk, it became clear that the young chemistry student had had time to study other things as well. His Norwegian was coming along nicely, AND he knew more than touristy titbits of the history. Very impressive.

Our first stop was the archbishops residence wit the adjoining royal Crown Jewels and the Nidaros Cathedral. I was really surprised and rather pissed off by the no photography-policy of the cathedral. I can handle it in a museum, but a functioning church goes beyond my understanding.

You’ll just have to believe me when I say that the reconstruction work has been done well and that the stained glass windows, especially on the main side, is spectacular. Those blue tiles were magnificent.

After some sightseeing it was time for lunch at Peppe’s pizza. Absolutely wonderful from a paying parents’ point of view. They had student discount!

After lunch we hit the hills, hiking up to Kristiansten fort and on to the NTNU main building. After that, it was time to do some parenting: filling the students’ fridge with edibles. From there we headed on for some dinner and then to bed.

On Sunday we had a booking for lunch at the Tyholt tower. Before that, I had planned to visit the Jewish museum. Alas, the internet wasn’t quite up to date with the of-season opening hours, and since it was the fourth Sunday of the month, and not the third anymore, the place was closed. Plan B: The Science Center, a place where you can touch all the attractions. Just what you need when you’ve got kids with you.

The Tyholt Tower offers a splendid view over Trondheim and is well worth the visit. A bus stops right in front, so you don’t need to walk all the way up. It’s a free ride up and there’s also a restaurant that turns around so can see 360° in about an hour.

Quick weekend at the end of November. We had good fortune with the weather. It was chilly and windy, but didn’t rain at all. Somehow I got the feeling that late spring or autumn would have given a more pleasant walk…

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