No comprende, yet again

I definitely don’t understand leaving your cans lying around the countryside, but this post is not about environmental issues.

I know all people are misers to a certain degree. I still feel that there is some level of dignity one should try to keep at all times. If you can afford a week or two at a four star hotel including breakfast and dinner, I do solemnly believe that you can afford a banana or a sandwich for lunch in town.

This morning yet again, fruits and sandwiches were placed more or less discreetly in handbags and rucksacks. That’s what tourists do at breakfast when they have a day trip ahead with uncertain meal times. The thing that made me decide to write this post was dinner. The elderly man had his worn out aluminium foil with him to the bread table. There he coolly sliced himself four pieces of bread and wrapped them in the foil. I really hope I could keep my mouth closed when I watched this spectacle unfold. Where the hell did he get that wrinkled and used aluminium foil from?

Why should I take offence if someone packs a few pieces of bread from the buffet? I shouldn’t. But having watched this couple slobbering their food for almost a week, taking way too much on their plates and leaving half uneaten, I really can’t see the point in having foil prepared for taking snacks with you. The worst part tonight being that the woman loudly complained that there was nothing edible. She was right, of course. There were only about six different salads, five seafood starters, ham, beef and what have you. Then there were the two soups, three different fish, other seafood, rice, french fries, potatoes, chicken in two ways, a couple of pizzas, two pastas with three different sauces to say nothing about the ten different desserts and three ice creams. Oh, I seem to have forgotten the lamb chops, steamed carrots, mashed potatoes and the fruits…

Breakfast will be served in the morning again. Don’t worry. They will have eggs, bacon, toast and baked beans, just for you. There is no need to smuggle out the bread.

If you can’t find something for your taste or specific allergy from this list, I suggest you stay at home. With your bling bling handbag, aluminium foil and your attitude.

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