Tour de Fuenteventura, day 2

We were both suffering from the flu, but when you’re a tourist you have got to keep moving. We pointed the red rental south again and I put my foot down so that we could make the most of our visit. Typical achiever-syndrome.

The previous day we had passed an interesting spot which was closed. So we headed straight for Museo del Queso Majorero in Antigua. The bright young lady at the ticket office sold us tickets for a three museum tour. This cheese museum, the windmill museum Centro de Interpretacion de los Molinos and the salt museum Museo de la sal Salinas del Carmen.

At first I was rather disappointed in the cheese museum. The compulsory “this is how the Canaries were formed” was part of the exhibition. It’s everywhere. Getting further in, I could let go of my disappointment and read fascinating facts about the cheese industry. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if a museum had tastings as well…

About ten minutes away in Tiscamanita we were in for a treat at the windmill museum. Small and quaint. And with immediate tasting of gofio. Before presenting our ticket. So I got what I missed at the previous place. The lady was wonderful and helpful in all ways. Gofio is not to be underestimated. Reading about its production and properties, this is one of the original superfoods. Throw away your expensive and branded protein bars. Makes some gofio. It tastes good and is nutritious.

Taking a break from all this heavy cultural experience, we headed towards La Pared. What we found was a tourist hotel village for surfers in the middle of nowhere. If your looking for a sporty vacation with long walks and some surfing, this is probably a good spot for that. With our flu, not interesting. We did get the compulsory selfie in.

Looking for more beach action, we headed over to Jandia and decided not to drive all the way to Morro Jable. Instead we stopped over at Playa Risco El Paso, where the dunes move and make a small lagoon where windsurfing can be taught easily. We even got our feet wet. I do wish old people had some common decency and manners. These days even Sean Connery and Jane Fonda look their best with their clothes on. I don’t need old people with all their bits and parts hanging and dangling about. And I especially don’t need them walking around naked with fanny packs. It just looks stupid and pretty gross. When I was a teenager, we were on a trip to Crete. Grandad was about 70 at the time, but he got it right when he said there should be special lifeguards on the beach. According to him, these lifeguards had to watch out for the wrong people running around naked. A matter of public service, he said.

After this nice little visit to the beach, we headed towards the salt museum. It’s quite wondrous what goods have been the origin of wealth and power. And they had some tasting here as well.

It was late in the afternoon and we had a date with sunset on El Cotillo beach. It’s supposed to be magnificent. With little regard to speed limits and passenger complaints I headed for the beach. We were in El Cotillo in plenty of time to set up the gear. The elements decided otherwise. A thick and hazy cloud formation had parked itself right in front of the sun. Maybe there would be a paved road to the lighthouse and some sun to salvage the evening?

Well, the road was paved and the gear was set up. No epic shots with my experience. So we packed up and headed for the hotel, a lot of experiences richer.

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