Stained glass art Fuerteventura

Stained glass artwork is beautiful and fascinating, especially if you have the right light. You can find intricate pieces with thousands of glass pieces, or you can find simpler versions.

We didn’t run around in all the churches in every village, so my sample from this trip is quite limited. What I found, however, was that these pieces were a lot less intricate than one has gotten used to. I can still remember that wonderful piece in Trondheim which I couldn’t photograph from the inside.

The glassworks’ simplicity followed the simple and homely appearance of the churches in general. All the same elements that one can find in bigger churches were present but they were toned down. I attribute this to size of the parishes, and to the fact that there probably hasn’t been that much money to spend.

I might have missed out on the best one because it was hidden behind the organ. I was just too lazy to clim the stairs. Got it from the outside though.

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