Day 2

The skipper was up at sunrise, like usual. The rest of the crew were still snoring when the spectacular new day dawned.

Somehow everybody was up by seven anyway and after a peaceful breakfast, we weighed anchor just after nine and set sail for Hvar. The weather could not have been any better, and just so that we would get in too early, we tacked around Viski kanal. At around two we docked. We were greeted by friendly reminder of the changing wind conditions, and that the harbour master would be making a decision about closing down later in the afternoon. Hvar harbour becomes rather unpleasant in SE winds, which were forecast.

We sent the boys up the hill to the castle for the compulsory tourist thing. The skippers’ boss went looking for some groceries while the skipper waited onboard. Just as it was, the owner came in on one o his other boats and some guests. We had a good chat. We decided to move to Palmizana two and a half miles east where we would be in absolute shelter from the 20-25 kn wind forecast.

The marina turned out to be quite alright, even though the restaurant was booked for a function. We hiked over to the other side of the island and ate dinner at Toto’s. After a nice meal, we were all quite knackered and hit the bunks quite early.

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