Luka Polace, Mljet

After our morning stroll in Lumbarda, it was time to set off towards Mljet and the quaint village in Luka Polace and see if the weather and timing could be right for a walk in the national park.

The journey was only a short hop, less than 20 NM and four hours later we were in the bay. Cruising past the restaurants, we were pondering what to do. Lay anchor or eat at one of the restaurants. Since we had talked about pizza during the day, the big sign advertising pizza outside the Ogigja, we decided to tie up there. After a brief rest and reserving a table for the evening, we set off towards the park ticket office. We paid up, and set off walking across the hills. About a kilometre up, and another one down and we were by the shore of Veliko Jezero.

The lady at the ticket office had given us a tip, that we should walk along the shore to the next ferry point, so that we wouldn’t have to wait for the boat taking us to the island with the monastery. Along the shore path there were all kinds of plants with names in Latin, English and Croatian. The lovely smell of wild rosemary was wonderful.

After a short boat ride, we walked around the monastery and the island and caught the next boat back. We decided not to walk the same way back, and see if we could find our way along some of the paths marked on the map. Sort of an adventure, since the trails weren’t all that clear and used, at least not at the beginning of the season. We didn’t exactly get lost, but found ourselves a little bit off from where we thought we would come to the road leading to Polace. Some backtracking later, and we were headed straight to town.

We headed for our pizzas, and were the only customers at the time. The pizzas were good, even though quite mild in taste. We are quite accustomed to having tomato sauce on pizzas, and these didn’t have any. A local custom?

After roughly 25.000 steps, pizza and some wine we were ready to go to bed.

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