Uvala Lopud

The sunrise in Polace was spectacular and I accompanied Juha, one of the crew for a morning stroll and watched while he took a morning dip in the icy water. Anything under 30°C is cold for me.

Since the forecast for the morning didn’t promise any wind, we cast of just after seven, and motored three miles to a nearby cove where we dropped anchor and ate breakfast in the beautiful morning sun. After that, everyone else went for a swim while I jumped in the dinghy and took some pictures.

While we had our breakfast and swim, the wind had picked up and we set sails after ten and slowly made our way southeast along the shore of Mljet. At times we didn’t have enough wind to make it to Lupud so we ended up motoring about two and a half hours but were safely anchored in the bay at 16.30. We chose this location, because it would only be a short hop the next day. And that was because Dubrovnik had a very rainy forecast for Saturday but not for our arrival on Friday.

We didn’t row ashore, and enjoyed a lovely meal and a spectacular sunset onboard.

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