Bornholm here we come!

The weather forecast for Friday was quite good. In the morning we had about four knots of wind but it was supposed to pick up. With no need to linger and eager to sail, we cast off just before seven in the morning, being about the tenth to leave that morning.

Three quarters of an hour later we had the sails up. Code Zero was up again and the wind picked up. We got 10-15 knots of wind and made 6-7 knots on the gps. What beautiful sailing we had!

There is a windmill park on the straight route from Sassnitz to Rønne. I had opted on taking a northerly route, since my forecast said the wind would turn somewhat to the north, and didn’t want to tack in the afternoon. Most others heading the same way seemed to go south. They might have made the trip earlier, since when we arrived in Rønne, we saw two others that had left at the same time already tied up. Damn!

Coming in later than the others didn’t matter, this time. We had a fantastic day.

At four in the afternoon, there were still plenty of free slots and this time reverse parking went a little better, even if we had nasty gusts hitting us port side. Maya and I are finding each other.

Welcome to the developed world! There was a harbour master, somewhere. Mainly it was self-service, since all you had to do was whisk out your plastic and follow the simple instructions on the machine. Stickers and receipts popped out and check-in was complete. Being a lazy skipper, I couldn’t be bothered to walk to the boat and hang the sticker. We wanted to see the quaint city. We didn’t get a ticket for my omission, only a friendly reminder to visit the machine was tagged on the boat when we got back.

Rønne was very quiet. So we walked along the streets admiring the buildings and squares. Then we stumbled in the main square with plenty of action. Hunger grabbed us so we sat down at one of the restaurants and grabbed dinner and checked out the local activity. After that we also needed to fill up on some supplies, and luckily the supermarket was just across the street from the harbour.

The week had been long, and even with quite short sailing days we were absolutely nackered. We haven’t sailed since early May, so we are a bit rusty and out of shape. The sea breeze and sun had taken their toll. Time to catch som zzzzzzz.


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