Our next leg was just over 60 NM with the wind forecast being rather moderate in the morning and picking up later on. So it was another early rise and we cast off just after six in the morning.

Since we were heading for a function in Turku in seven days time and the forecasts for the next days were pretty good, we opted to pass by the idyllic Christiansø. It would only have made a detour of 20 NM from our straight course, but it would still have been a full day of touristing. At this point we were not eager for a night entrance to an unknown destination, so we waved to the horizon as we set sails about three hours after leaving.

It turned out to be another beautiful day. The wind hit about 12 knots and the gps was clocking in at over seven. We even passed a tanker on the way. I’m sure we can still push Maya further once we learn how to trim her properly in all conditions.

We arrived at the rugged but beautiful lighthouse just before five, with only the three hours motoring in the morning light. Sailing with an average speed on over 6 kts we had a blast. The Code Zero has been worth every cent.

The polite harbour master who was fluent in several languages came all the way to the boat to get the fee. With a card reader, of course. Cash is not something to carry around in the archipelago.

The rugged beauty of the islands was explored quite quickly and we could turn in. The forecast for the morning wasn’t so good. Motoring was on the agenda, again.


We might be open or not…

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