Byxelkrok 23.07.2019

What a lazy blogger I’ve been. Season 2020 has basically started, and the events of 2019 are still undocumented. Let’s see if I can finish it off before we go sailing again.

We left Borgholm and Solliden behind us in the afternoon and headed north for Byxelkrok, roughly 30 NM away. Needless to say, leave in the afternoon, arrive late in the evening.

Summertime and the living is easy. But getting a berth at ten in the evening is not so easy. There seemed to be some kind of happening in the neighbourhood. Nothing special in the harbour, but it was packed absolutely full. The main berths were all filled, and in some places, boats were side to side four abreast making it absolutely impossible for boats tied up to buoys to leave. Unpacking would definitely have to be done in order. And if you’re deep inside, don’t be in a hurry.

We were assigned a spot right between a SAR-vessel and the regular ferry. We were the second boat out alongside another and were fretting if someone would tie up to us. We were planning to leave early in the morning. As it happened, the SAR boat left and made space for a few more boats.

A quick walk around the dock and a beautiful sunset later, we were absolutely ready for bed.

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