Visby 24.07.2019

We set off early in the morning. The wind was quite light and the sky was overcast. It still looked to become a nice day.

The excitement started a couple of hours later when a massive fogbank hit us. At best visibility was no more than a few boat lengths. When the skipper was freezing his butt off and wiping his glasses from the precipitation, the shipowner was snoring in the salon. Luckily the fog dispersed a couple of hours later.

Roughly fifty miles later we arrived in Visby in the beautiful afternoon sun. The harbour was quite full, and we we placed on a pier about 400 m away from the service buildings. Quite alright actually. The main berths were right next to the busy road and a lot of the big motor yachts were having parties all day and night.

After tying up, we immediately set off for our first sightseeing tour in the scorching afternoon sun. The next morning, we were off quite early for a full day of touristing. We walked and walked around town, seeing plenty of mediaeval ruins, Almost as if Visby was just a great big ruin. That’s not quite true. Having been one of the most prominent Hansa towns, Visby has a rich and long history. But the number of churches built in such a small area is quite staggering.

We had time to visit the town museum which had a spectacular display of old runes, and of course, some locally spiced tea found its way into our bags.

On Friday morning it was time to lock the boat up and secure the moorings. We were heading to Turku for a quick visit. The skippers’ dad had passed away just before we left and now it was time for the wake, an intimate family function.  We returned on Sunday afternoon to find the boat in great shape and the harbour practically empty.

No rush, we thought. Some grocery shopping and we had stocked up for the next week or so. In 2018 we had to rush past Visby beacause of the lack of wind and the engine troubles. This time we were lucky and Visby was absolutely worth the visit. Next time, we might even take some more time and hire bikes to see more of Gotland.

The weather forecast looked pretty good, a moderate downwind for our heading to Nynäshamn, so we decided to leave in the evening. Around nine, we cast off and set off in the setting sun.

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