Norstö, Norrholmen 04.08.2019

After having those lovely fresh rolls for breakfast, we cast off and immediately raised our sails. The northerly wind was about 5 knots, and we were in no hurry.

There was no real plan for the day, just head east. It wasn’t long before the wind picked up to a lovely 15 knots. Just cruising in the Archipelago Sea on a lovely summer’s day.

Later in the afternoon, it became clear the wind wouldn’t die down. 15 knots is great for sailing, but not that nice if the harbour is unprotected. So I started looking at alternatives for anchorage and found a beautiful bay just north of Högsåra, where the famous Farmors Café can be found. If you like cakes and are in the neighbourhood, it’s worth to stop by and relax. On occasion, you might even get live music there.

We anchored in about 5 meters of water and settled in for the evening. Since we don’t have an outboard for the dinghy, we didn’t fancy rowing the mile and back to the pier from where we could have walked to the cafe. You make do with what fancy cakes you have onboard.

The wind had shifted somewhat during the night, and checking the plotter showed that a wide berth to the next boats had been necessary. We had swung all over the place.

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