Sućuraj, Hvar 7.5.2019

After waiting for the wind to calm down a bit, and enjoying breakfast we could set off. The sun was out, we had wind, life was beautiful.

Fun usually doesn’t last all day, and even though we were in no hurry the wind dying down at midday forced us to start the engine. We were heading north towards the island of Hvar and after an hour or so of motoring we found the wind again. We started heading northeast towards the eastern tip of Hvar.

The pilot book said we would find a nice little harbour in Sucuraj, and that’s what we found. Quiet, no other boats around. The harbour master also doubled as the ticket sales for the ferry, so we had to wait before we could pay. The available service wasn’t that great. We managed to hook up to electricity, but a toilet and shower was a bit much to hope for. It was peaceful.

Sucuraj is not a very big place, so we walked around for a couple of hours checking out the lighthouse, the graveyard and the local supermarket. There wasn’t much more. The St.George church was just closing, so I returned the next morning to check the place out before going to the bakery for some fresh bread.

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