Korčula 06.05.2019

I’ve told friends that I would never come back to ACI Korčula. Never say never, and this time around we had a better experience.

It was early in the season and we did come in pretty early so we had our choice of berth. The guy we met in 2018 was definitely off duty. The guy who met us on the pier was helpful, funny and kind. The same can’t be said about the lady in the office. She was still efficient, but rather surly.

After checking in, we wen’t for the regular touristy walk around the old centre. Can’t say that there was a hoard of other tourists out, which quite suits me. We didn’t have any goals or special interests so we jus wandered around. We were obviously getting a bit hungry only having had some light lunch aboard. Our friend had checked out a restaurant and we found it after some more walking. And the reviews were correct, we had a lovely meal in a quaint atmosphere.

The next morning was quite beautiful, but there was a nasty wind. The waves were hitting the other side of the pier and spray was flying all over the marina. We were in no hurry to rush out, so we enjoyed breakfast in a leisurely pace.

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