Rogoznica 10.5.2019

It’s only a hop and a skip from Maslinica to the home port of Rogoznica, so we had a really leisurely breakfast.

It was an easy sail and we arrived in a beautiful sunshine. We were maybe a little earlier than most. We made it to the petrol station and filled her up. When we were done, we could se that a queue was starting to build up. And some crazy manoeuvres. Lucky we were out of the way. The wind was a bit tricky at that spot.

Shower, shave, packing and boat check by the diver and charter company. then it was time for that last evening pizza and tales of a great vacation. And of course checking that we had a taxi for the morning.

Two weeks of sailing in Croatia was over. Even though we had rain on a few days, the hassle with the toilet and the mooring line around the prop, we had an absolutely wonderful holiday. What a great birthday cruise!

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