A slower pace

During the past years, I’ve been trying to post once a day during our sailing vacation. That has caused some stress and panic with taking, editing and uploading appropriate photos, having a story and great ideas. Since this month should be a time to slow down and enjoy sailing, I have decided to enjoy storytelling again. That doesn’t mean that the quality of writing will be any better, but at least I’ll be enjoying myself.

We set off on our summer sailing vacation and immediately did an all nighter, 25 hours, 102 NM in one go. We had planned a shorter leg but upon arriving at one in the morning, saw that there were no berths available. With a pretty good wind, southwesterly, which meant continued tacking we decided to keep going. Around nine in the morning, we contemplated on stopping but there was still enough wind so we just kept on going. A couple of hours later the wind died and we motored a few hours before finding a breeze again. And so we continued, taking turns on napping. At about seven in the evening we tied up in the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park area.

The next day we continued, with a quick refuelling stop at Hangö. We arrived at Örö at ten in the evening. The next morning we set off on our touristy adventure. On bikes this time. Örö is an old fort and part of Peter the Great’s naval fortification system to protect St. Petersburg. You can read about it here. Örö is also a great nature reserve.

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