Farmors Café

Farmors Café is a classic. Situated on the eastern edge of the Archipelago Sea on the island of Högsåra this is a place worth visiting, even from a bit further. I think we’ve had some pizza sometime, but we mainly come for the cakes. If you want to eat, make sure to book in advance.

It wasn’t a long sail from Örö but we didn’t quite have the expected wind. The sun was blasting and we were going downwind so we didn’t even have a cooling breeze. Tough, but we new the prize would be worth it.

This time we had a citrusy carrot cake, some rhubarb pie with some whipped cream and a chocolate brownie. The carrot cake was fluffy, moist and had a lovely hint of lime. The mouthfuls just melted away. I’m not usually a fan of rhubarb pies, but this was super. The natural tangy taste of rhubarb was mixed with a chewy toffee like sugary mix. This heavenly bliss was then topped off with whipped cream. The weakest link was actually the gluten-free chocolate brownie. Plenty of taste, but a little on the dry side. I would order the same set again, any day of the week.

Sitting down in the shade after one of the hottest days this summer and enjoying a nice cup of tea with these amazing cakes was just awesome.

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