Riga 10.7.2016

Sunday morning started off a little bit grey and the forecast was for some rain in the morning with a sunnier afternoon. We had a late breakfast and went out walking in the beautiful park. We had a couple of dogs with us, so we couldn’t go in anywhere but the old town and parks were wonderful anyway.

Yes, the qualifications are in order.
Yes, the qualifications are in order.

Luckily, the forecast turned out to be wrong, and we only got a couple of showers, always when having break under cover. After a small break and a cup of coffee, we returned the dogs to the boats and continued to the Art Nouveau museum after which we continued with the Occupation museum. Latvian history has been a bit diffuse for all of us, but we got a really great recap of everything from 1918 to 1994. The tour guide summed it up very nicely, even pointing out something we Finns think as a loss, was merely an embarrassing peace treaty. Compared to the other Baltic states, I think I prefer the embarrassing treaty and loss of some lands to what happened here.

During one and a half days, we walked about 20 km, with the dogs and without. Mostly we spent our time in the old town and Art Nouveau areas. Even though this is quite a small country, Riga has the elements and history of an old and great European capital. The buildings and the parks tell a tale of former glory and pomp.

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