Another murder in Sandhamn?

While following the footsteps of Viveca Stens murder sites, we came upon a pair of boxer shorts. The owner was nowhere to be seen. Is a new body going to wash up on the south beach?

Sandhamn has been our goal for a few years, since last time we were around, the fog stopped us from getting in or seeing anything. An added bonus has been reading the books written by Viveca Sten and seeing the subsequent series about the murders in Sandhamn. Also my own favourite character Mikael Blomkvist from Stieg Larssons Millennium trilogy had his cabin here. We could now continue our literary tourism that we started in Rome with Angels and Demons.

So here’s a photo-tour of the places Vivecas books. Yes, we missed two spots. The West beach and Missionshuset (The Mission House).

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