Split, Croatia

It’s about time to have a break somewhere in the sun. And the Dalmatian coast couldn’t be more perfect with blue skies and waters.

We’ve rented a boat, a brand new Hanse 388, and where due to start sailing on Saturday. Since we’ve never been in these parts, we thought that we would take a couple of extra days and do the tourist thing as well.

Split is a great place as we have a direct flight which is only three hours. Based on today’s experience it has several other great qualities as well. We’ve booked ourselves into a beautiful small boutique-style hotel just on the edge of the old city. Very convenient for a quick walk. This part of town is very tidy, you can hardly find any litter at all a, and the people collecting bottles from garbage cans are even better dressed than the ones we saw in Barcelona.

We took a quick look at Diocletian’s palace and hiked up to the bell tower to find a fantastic view of the city. This is the area where Game of Thrones has been filmed. Don’t ask me what, since I haven’t followed GoT.

We also found the statue of Grgur Ninski, Gregory of Nin, who was a Croatian bishop who stood up to the Pope and introduced the National language into services, instead of the Latin which was used in medieval times.

Apart from walking around the historical center, we really just enjoyed the warmth and the sun. Lovely day.

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