Split, day 2

What a beautiful city Split is! We usually manage to wander off to some part of town that you might not call attractive, and see the real thing behind the touristy front. In Split, we haven’t managed that yet. And since we’re leaving in the morning, we won’t have time.

Today’s theme has been relaxing. So, we took an hours walk before breakfast. Which was a great thing, since we really stuffed ourselves. Bread, omelettes, sausages, cheese, strawberries, pancakes…. there was an abundant range to choose from. During our morning walk, we passed through something I always like to see. The local market in the morning. We went to the fish market and the vegetable market. And weren’t disappointed. Very fresh.

After breakfast we set off for a walk along the seafront, with a modest goal of reaching the vantage point in the Park šuma Marjan. After walking for a couple of hours, we decided to ditch the idea of reaching the highest point and settled for something closer. The view over the city was not bad there either.

After our walk, we decided it was time to chill, and we sat down in a restaurant for a few hours, just watching the people walk by on the promenade. Lovely weather, fun company, a few drinks and laughs. Can one really handle any more?

Yes, one has to. A beautiful dinner with lots of laughter and great food. The guys in the reception recommended a local place, a very short walk from the hotel. The food was great, modestly priced with attentive service. Where was this? Check Restaurant Duje. You certainly won’t stumble on it, but it’s definitely worth looking for.

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