The Adventure begins

The main thing for this trip is sailing. Split was just a convenient distraction for a first visit in Croatia.

The real journey started with the taxi picking us a little bit earlier than agreed, which was a pleasant surprise. We arrived at Marina Frapa in Rogoznica just before ten, but unfortunately the boat wasn’t quite ready. Some finishing touches like the registration numbers and oiling of the teak were still under way. We are actually the first charter guests, which gave us further responsibilities.

The ladies went off to get some groceries but we still had to wait around for a couple of hours, which was very hard. The most disappointing thing was however that Pelsys Charter did not accept a credit card for the remainder of the fee. We had to run around the corner to the ATM which was quite frustrating.

Finally Damir told us he was ready to check us in, and we filled up the extended golf cart with ur stuff and drove off to the pier. Being a brand new boat, checking everything was both easy and difficult. There are hundreds of details which one should go through, but yet again I skipped a lot of them. Assuming everything is in order. Let’s hope this assuming doesn’t make an ASS out of U and ME.

For our extraordinary responsibility of christening the boat after its very brief sea trials, without sails, the skipper, I mean I, had chosen Veuve Clicquot which is my preferred bubbly. The proper wishings of fair winds and following seas and dobro more were said and she is now named Banjo.

We were ready to set off!

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