First leg

We were so eager to get out, that the skipper really thought where we would head. Out to sea. That freedom.

Everything is pretty close, so after motoring from Marina Frapa it was time to see where we might head. We decided on Solta island, and the Maslinica harbour. The weather was light, we still had to hoist our sails. And take them down just as quickly since there was no wind. A couple of hours later TWS hit five knots and we decided to see how this new Hanse 388 does in light airs. We hit boats speeds all the way up to 2,7 knots. When the wind died and our speed dropped below two, we decided to get the Yanmar steel genoa instead of the Elvstrom dacrons.

We arrived at Maslinica just before seven in the evening, and just after we got tied down, an invasion of boats came in. Since it’s not high season, everybody had plenty of space. The harbour guys were very helpful and professional. One just wishes it was like that everywhere.

We had been recommended to visit the Restauran Sampjer which is situated on a vantage point on top of the hill. Since the sun had already set by this time, we thought it wasn’t necessary and just picked almost the closest place, called Šakajet. It turned out to be great fun and good food. And a little bit on the expensive side compared to the mainland. About 50% more expensive compared to the previous night at Duje. If we continue on like this we’ll be broke by the end of the week.

The next morning, I was up relatively late. I didn’t go for a walk until seven. Hiking up to Sampjer I got a better view and some feeling of the village.

Time to cast off.

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