Captains log 01 Jul 2018 1900 UTC

The leg started off pretty nicely, the sun was shining, the waves were moderate. Everyone was feeling great. The wind wasn’t bad either 10-15 in. The direction sucked.

The forecast was obviously NE-ENE and generally anything that would mean heading straight upwind. After a few hours of moderate tacking and not advancing well enough, we thought we’d seen enough of England and set course over the TSS and straight to France. Dover wasn’t on our list anymore anyway.

Crossing the Channel in daylight was smart anyway. We made really good speed, 7-8 kn, and actually had to drop our course a little to get the 90° angle against the TSS. We started our upwind passage at a much better angle. The wind should shift more east and our course more north, so we might not have to tack that much during the night.

Changes in course are a natural part of sailing. One thing didn’t go quite that well either. Lunch. The stupid skipper, that’s me, ordered lunch for after the next tack. Without looking at my watch. It was way too long from breakfast and sugar levels were down, even if we had some snacks. This led to the obvious result that some members of the crew started feeding the fish. Even though strict orders of eating and drinking properly had been given. Well, what had I done in my excitement a few days back?

Dinner has been served and energies are getting better. We’ve had our first shift change and it’s my turn to take a rest. Let’s se what the port watch does…..

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