Captains log 02 Jul 2018 0615 UTC

The night shifts are done, actually it was getting light for the dogwatch. I’ve opted to try a modified system where the two watches have alternating lengths of shifts at night, which naturally changes the time of day, especially night, when you’re awake. So you don’t get 3-6 every morning.

We’ve been out for 21 hours, and wha do we have to show for it? The log says we’ve done 119 NM only about 20 with engine, but it’s still on after the wind died at around 0200UTC. It’s not bad, slightly better than then 5 kn average VMG I’ve been using during planning.

I think the decision to cross the Channel earlier was good one. Even if the first night watch had to tack around in circles, by the time we started our shift, we could sail leisurely in the night, with a couple of turns.

We’re just off Cap Gris Nez, and on a clear day like this, you can see the white cliffs of Dover. The day is looking to be sunny and beautiful, but the wind forecast is as bad as ever, NE. The route plan says we have another 180 to go. ETA in Den Helder probably has to be moved back at this rate. SOG is only 4,2 knots at the moment but the tide will change soon….

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