Skrubbö 08.08.2019

We left Matgrufvan the next morning, and with a SE wind, we sailed almost all the way to Barösund, only starting the engine just before reaching the cable ferry. Merikarhut has another safe haven here, and since it was our first season as members, it was appropriate to stop at all ports along the way.

The following day we motored for about an hour before finding a light S-SE wind and found our way to Skrubbö. The place is a former pilot station and under the watchful eye of The Finnish Heritage Agency, the club has built a clubhouse that resembles a former pilotstation.

This is a wonderful spot. Being very close to Helsinki, it’s also quite a busy place. Members only. For some people this seems quite hard to comprehend. Members pay their fees, give their knowledge, expertise and time for free to manage the club and keep these ports in great shape. These are not guest marinas and we kindly ask you to find another place to tie up. Most yachting clubs in Finland have their own bases, and that’s one of the perks you get when joining up. So join a club and apply for a membership. In the case of Skrubbö, there are several public places almost within shouting distance.

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