Högskär 09.08.2019

It’s Friday. We have to back at work on Monday. We’re sailing east, home bound and our first adventure with Maya is nearing the end. The forecast is light wind, and that’s what we get, around five knots and calm sailing.

I’m really in no hurry to go home. We pass Helsinki, and the wind has shifted from northerly to southerly and picked up some strength, around ten knots. We speed onwards to Högskär. We get some rain just as we dock, but there is always sunshine after rain.


On Saturday we decide that we’ll pop round the corner to Killingholmen our other club port. The new sauna is ready, and we try it out. What a great job the guys have done. The moist heat really relieves all your tensions.

On Sunday we have to give up. We leave Killingholmen at seven in the morning and head back to Helsinki. We deliver the boat to the dealers’ boatyard. Maya will be on display the next weekend at Uiva2019, the Helsinki Boat-Afloat Show.

The weather could have been worse. Now the wind just howled at closer to 20 knots and the rain was beating down when we tied up. We packed our gear, and waved our goodbyes. We would pick her up in two weeks time.

We flew off to Germany on July 15th, inspected and took possession of a new boat. Left the boatyard on July 18th, had a beautiful experience and clocked 798 nautical miles in 25 days and had twenty ports of call or anchorages on the way.