Moving on to Polače, Mljet 5.5.2019

Guess what? Our great adventure with the new boat wasn’t the only story that I haven’t finished. Almost a week of our Croatian adventure is untold. So here we go. If you want a recap of what previously happened take a look here.

The fog was quite low along the mountains surrounding the marina. We had provisioned and the rope around the prop had been safely removed. With the change of crew, we were ready for the return trip.

The culprit. This piece of rope has obviously created problems previously.

During the previous day, there had been more arrivals in the marina. We weren’t in the tightest spot but I still had to keep a tight eye, since there was less than a boat length between the bows.

We motored downriver and hoisted our sails as soon as possible. No matter how we looked at it, we had enough wind (one reef in) but it came from completely the wrong direction. We started tacking towards Mljet in search of a quiet bay.

My Windfinder Pro app was correct again. In the afternoon, the wind suddenly died, along with our speed. We made it to the coast of Mljet and kept going northwest. In the distance we could se dark clouds forming. I decided that it would be prudent to find a really safe place, and so we ended up in the bay at Polače. This time we decided to anchor.

We were anchored early enough for our crazy new crew member to have a swim. Even wearing a wetsuit, he didn’t look as if he was enjoying a warm dip. It didn’t take long for the rain to arrive after this. We could se lightning all over the place and just had to open an app that follows lightning strikes. And the hills around the bay were also getting hits. Luckily, the main storm passed a few miles northwest of us and quite quickly at that. There was however enough rain for the windows to start leaking. But that didn’t matter, since we had baklava for dessert.

Dark, windy, rain and lightning. We hadn’t been able to anchor quite deep enough in the bay so some gusts kept hitting us and kept the boat swinging around the anchor. I still slept like a baby through the night.

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